A professionally designed and installed lawn sprinkler system is critical to the health and vitality of any landscape. It can even help improve the quality of life! If you have had the opportunity to try to keep a yard well watered with a hose you know what a task that is.

Lawn Sprinkler System

One of our customers told us that he is a very light sleeper and will wake up at the slightest sound. He says most sounds annoy him when he goes back to sleep. There is one sound that  makes him smile as he snuggles back in. When he hears his lawn sprinkler system come on (most never hear it), he smiles and thinks to himself with a chuckle  “I am watering”.

A Lawn Sprinkler System Will Save You Money

Your water bill will be lower as you are watering in the cool of the day with less evaporation and wasted water.  An automatic lawn sprinkler system will save you hours of hand watering each week.  Just set the program up and let the controller do all the work.

Lawn Sprinkler System

We use Rain Bird sprinkler heads, valves, and controllers to ensure a quality  lawn sprinkler system. We also like to water trees and shrubs with a drip system.  The drip system is very efficient because it puts water directly to the root zone of the plants and does not germinate weed seeds between plants as overhead sprays will do.

We Can Take Care Of  Your Lawn Sprinkler System Needs

We are also qualified to do Certified Backflow Assembly Testing. Testing is  required each year by the City Water Department. Back flow assemblies  are crucial to maintain the integrity of your drinking water as you and your lawn sprinkler system share the same water source.   We can test your backflow assembly and make sure it works correctly and your water will remain safe and you will be in compliance with city regulations.


Lawn Sprinkler System

We  do all phases of sprinkler system repairs.   We will be happy to design and install your  new system or get your current system up and running. Call us at (208) 691 7663 for all your sprinkler system needs